Third Party Tools / Add Ons

  • EZGUI – EZGUI is a Visual Designer/Code Generator and a GUI Framework for use with the PowerBASIC compilers.
  • Grid32Ex Grid Control - A low-cost formatting grid with advanced features.
  • JK-IDE - Feature-rich PowerBASIC Editor, Visual Designer, and Debugger with Project support.
  • Layout32 Resize Library - A powerful, easy to use, and intuitive rules-based resize engine for the Microsoft Windows programmer.
  • Perfect Sync – Software Development Tools – Publishers of SQL Tools, Graphics Tools, Console Tools and other PowerBASIC-specific add-ons since 1994.
  • Phoenix Visual Designer - A modern, intuitive and configurable IDE that allows the development of sophisticated graphical user interfaces using the Windows API.
  • SocketTools Library Edition – Secure client and server Internet libraries for PowerBASIC.