Third-Party Products - Components and Libraries

Here is a list of companies which have developed products which may be used by PowerBASIC programmers to add or improve on PowerBASIC features.


If you know of a vendor/product that we should consider listing, please let us know by sending an email to PowerBASIC Support.


CompanyProductDescription LIBRARIES
BoogieTools BoogieBounce API Email bounce handling
Don Dickinson ddoc Print and Preview Add print preview features to applications
Brian Chirgwin EGrid Professional Grid control, print engine and forms designer
Debenu PDF Developer Toolkit Create PDFs on the fly. Comprehensive set of PDF API functions
IDEAL Software Virtual Print Engine Report Engine and PDF Library
James Klutho My Little Grid Lightweight Windows 32bit Grid Control
Inner Media DynaZip Products Developer libraries for including compression into applications
KGP Software MassMail Mass email manager
Lakeview Research USB/Serial Port books Developer resources for computer interfacing (USB, serial ports, ... )
MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. Security and Email Clients Software Development Component Libraries
Prometheus Software EGrid32Ex Grid Control
Simply The Best, Inc. Printfil Print from DOS in Windows
Ted Gruber Software, Inc. FastGraph Programmer's graphics library for 2D and 3D
Terra Informatica HTMLayout SDK for PowerBASIC Provides API that allow defining HTML elements and their keyboard/mouse interaction
UCalc (Daniel Cobier uCalc Parses and evaluates an expression
Zap Image Solution GDimage Powerful multimedia imaging technologies to speed up graphic development
Zeal SoftStudio NTPort, MemAccess and CheckListBox Programmer libraries for port access and control of hardware devices
Zephyr Software SVGA Libraries DOS protected and real mode Graphic libraries