PowerBASIC News

28 Mar 2016 Previously we provided an announcements page at http://www.garybeene.com/powerbasic that was used to let folks know when we were having troubles with the forum. That page has been retired. In the future, we'll use the new PowerBASIC site and PowerBASIC forum to make such announcements. Both of those are independent of one another, so one should always be available for posting the status of the other. If both are down, then we'd expect to be in the middle of a nuclear war, in which case PowerBASIC operations would be temporarily suspended!
3 Mar 2016 As part of getting the new PowerBASIC INC. organized, we've discovered a treasure trove of manuals for PBWin9 and PBDOS 3. The quantity is somewhat limited and no more will be printed. So if you want to get in on this opportunity, head over to the Online Store and make your purchase today!
18 Feb 2016 PowerBASIC has a new, relaxed upgrade policy. Now, you can upgrade any version of your PowerBASIC product to the latest version of that product (PB/Win, PB/CC and PB/Forms). Check out the details at out Online Store.
5 Feb 2016 PowerBASIC has released a new look! New web site and new forums! New Sales Site! New Graphics! A taste of things to come!