PowerBASIC Programming Links

BASIC Programming .info
A BASIC programming site. Putting the FUN and LIFE back into programming
Gary Beene's Information Center
Library of PowerBASIC DDT and API source code and PowerBASIC PBWin9 Tutorials
Jose Roca Software
A wealth of tools, libraries, controls, headers, examples and articles on Windows programming with the PowerBASIC compilers.
hutch's home page
PowerBASIC tools, assembly language gems, and other goodies from a master programmer.
jcfuller software solutions
Assorted tools and utilities for the PB/CC and PB/DLL compilers.
KGP Software
MassMail emailing software
PowerBASIC Nederlands
For PowerBASIC programmers who speak Dutch.
Ridge Software
Tools for PowerBASIC and Visual Basic. Files are available for downloading.
QED Software
Dutch and English versions. Assorted PowerBASIC freeware. Files are available for downloading.
Zephyr Software
SVGA Graphics Libraries - comprehensive, fast graphics support for PB/DOS and other languages.
Foltyn Presentation
German and English versions. Introduction to DDT - concentration on Listboxes


BASIC Programming Links

Ethan Winer's Homepage
Ethan Winer and Full Moon Software, a leading vendor of add-on products and utilities for Microsoft's compiled BASICs for DOS.


General Programming Links

Coding Monkeys
Programming forums that support multiple programming languages, including PowerBASIC section.
Wolfram MathWorld
"The web's most extensive mathematical resource" - outstanding site for information on matters mathematical.
Inner Media, Inc.
Data compression libraries with .ZIP support, screen capture and image handling software.
Ralf Brown's Home Page
Text mining and language technologies-driven data recovery
zlib Home Page
Free compression/decompression library available as a DLL for Windows.