Dear PowerBASIC,
PowerBASIC has definitely been my "go-to" compiler, whether I need a quick in-house utility, a custom app, or a full blown commercial product, it is my platform of choice 99% of the time. I have started many projects in other environments that ended up being much easier to complete with less problems and time using PB. I have always been very happy with PowerBASIC as a whole, and am blown away each time they come out with a new version of their compilers. They are always expanding the command set, and allowing me to get things done faster than ever before with each new release. They also listen to their customers requests and this shows with each new release as many of the feature changes and requests are reflected in the product.

And it's not just the compilers and editing environments that are great, but the actual EXEs and DLLs generated by the compilers are small, fast and reliable. That's the part that makes our company's customers happy which is very important to us. This was not always possible using other platforms, but has definitely been the case over the past 15+ years that I have been using the PowerBASIC compilers!

Scott Slater