Dear PowerBASIC,
I thought it appropriate to post a brief testimonial on the awesomeness of PowerBasic.

I have been a programmer since the mid 1980s, and have been programming in PowerBasic since the product came out in the early 1990s. The very first DOS version was an awesome product that blew away all the competition at that time. I remember having to use QuickBasic for a project at someone's request, and how it seemed to be an absolutely incompetent product compared to PowerBasic, which I was using at every opportunity.

Every update of PowerBasic blew me away, by getting better and better and adding additional features-- that at the time I often wouldn't have known could even be added. That PowerBasic was an advanced product even back then is an understatement.

Then they came out with their first Windows compilers. I was blown away. I threw out Visual Basic completely, and my use of C++ dwindled to where I haven't used it now for years. I use PowerBasic for huge applications involving multiple modules, and have never had any issues, no matter how large my applications have gotten, or how many modules they used. I've written drivers with it that either performed as well as, or outperformed similar drivers written in C++.

I encourage anyone who is new to this product to continue using it, and see the many benefits it has before passing any kind of judgement on it. Then tell other programmers about it, and how it saves time programming while creating applications that are always as good or better than what any other compiler can produce.

Bob Zale and his company of software experts have always gone above and beyond the call of duty both in creation and upgrading of their products, and providing help and services for users. In my opinion, there are no better products on the market than PowerBasic's compilers.

Jim Seekamp