Dear PowerBASIC,
As a consultant specialised in implementing the well-known Oracle packaged software suite Peoplesoft HCM and CRM, PowerBasic has always been my secret tool of choice. Most of the time I'm working at the premises of the customer and when they allow me to install my own licensed tools, I always install PowerBasic, because of its small footprint, it's just a copy / paste operation. No run-time installation, no multi-megabytes of development tools that require administrative rights to install. When it comes to the point of delivering my expertise to the customer, I'm often faced with cumbersome tasks of converting or reformatting flat text files. PowerBasic is the ultimate tool in handling all this reformatting / parsing of the text. Of course, Peoplesoft with its own language, PeopleCode, can also do the job but ... PowerBasic makes it so much easier. Since Peoplecode only runs on the server one must get access to place files on the file system. With PowerBasic, I do all the work on my workstation.

Steven Pringels