Dear PowerBASIC,
Rock Solid Performance! In 2002 I had to choose a platform for an ambitious project: A hosted PBX application, predictive dialer, and multi-threaded interpreted IVR programming language capable of simultaneously processing over 2000 telephone lines in a single server with dialogic T1 circuit boards.

I had previously done this with Microsoft C++ version 6 for DOS, Visual C++ 1.52, 4, 5 and 6. I had built a 200 line call center using Visual BASIC 6.0 and Artisoft's Visual Voice (worst mistake I ever made), and the predictive dialer Excalibur in VC6, and

The most solid, high performance, bug free, as well as the largest application I've ever dared to write is my EVO phone system, still running at the Qwest Tampa CyberCenter, written entirely in PowerBASIC (components in both/dll Win and CC). That choice was the smartest one I'd ever made, but because I already knew about PowerBASIC, it wasn't a hard choice to make.

Erik Olson