Dear PowerBASIC,
Cheer, Cheer

My own introduction to PB was a bit slow over time as I was a devout "VB-Refugee" (as it has become), but the few problems I had were becoming more and more prevalent in VB the deeper I had to go, and the faster I had to go.

Given to me by my boss to try out, my 1st tests showed me that I could GREATLY reduce size, and increase speed. (and surprisingly enough I could understand the language and terminology a lot better than any MSDN docs)

So I wrote a "driver" for the serial port and had none of the problems that I had with "MsComm", but still I had no easy way of doing the same with "Forms/Dialogs/Windows", but then came "PB-Forms" and I mostly jumped-ship from VB to PB.

Over time and becoming a "VB-Refugee", I have been through 4 major Versions (and maybe 15-20 total minor revisions) and if I had a problem, it was a minor change to my code to use some of the "Wicked-Cool" new things that PB had to offer.

Now with the advent of PB10 I have even more new tools/toys/things to learn from to keep me busy.

Cliff Nichols