Dear PowerBASIC,
PowerBASIC compilers are superb professional products, well supported by their developer and by the community of programmers using them. Buchanan Computing (and its predecessor) has been using Bob Zale's products for around 24 years and have never found a fault or had a problem with them. The executable files the compilers generate are robust, compact, fast and reliable. The same executable file is portable between all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows (i.e. Windows 95 onwards), making software distribution and version control easier.

Buchanan Computing depends upon the PowerBASIC for Windows compiler for its flagship products: SignPlot, SignLoad, ParkMap and RouteMap. These are the UK's leading applications for traffic sign design, traffic sign structural analysis, the management of traffic regulation orders, and the interpretation of Ordnance Survey road network data, respectively.

Simon Morgan