Dear PowerBASIC,
I have PowerBasic products for over 30 years (from TurboBasic onwards) to produce a set of programs for designing below-ground drainage systems. This program is now used all over the UK by design engineers.

Powerbasic allows me to easily update the code as new regulations and techniques come into force. The main program is now so big that it has to have 21 DLL's to support it, which are also easily produced using PB.

The biggest plus for PB is the User Forums, where complex through to simple problems are answered by experts in the field under consideration - and this is free!!! This compiler is cheap and worth every penny - the upgrades are even cheaper! For VB and C+ programmers looking to move on, this is the way to go. PB should come with a health warning - there is no going back!

Best regards,
Iain Johnstone