Dear PowerBASIC,
I'll just drop you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the PowerBASIC compiler. In short, it put the FUN back to programming again; although I've been a Pascal man for years, I was battling the Borland Developer Studio during my last re-install - and finally gave up. Tons of .NET frameworks, useless crap that I'll never use - was required for a successful install, effectively DOWNGRADING my Win7 system from the .NET version that was actually shipped with Win7. I just had enough of it.

Sure, I hadn't touched BASIC since the TurboBASIC days, but hey - after no time I'm up to speed with 3rd-party DLLs, COM objects and all the stuff that goes along in a modern environment.

Thanks, Bob, for providing a high-quality, efficient compiler and a rich language with endless possibilities. Your product is truly unique, and even better - it comes with an acceptable price tag.

Thanks again,
Torkel M. Jodalen