Dear PowerBASIC,
I've been using PowerBASIC for Windows and PowerBASIC Console Compiler for nearly a year now, and so I am a first-hand witness of its power... I work at a company on the health informatics field, and I've developed modules and even complete applications using nothing but the tools from PB. Often I can achieve proof of concept apps using PB/CC much faster than our Java guys, and I'm not even a professional programmer! I wouldn't choose any other tools for developing solutions; PowerBASIC compilers are tried and true, its results compare very favorably with what professional programmers achieve with other technologies, and in my case have attracted my superiors' attention in a very positive way.

I can attest that PowerBASIC really puts the Power in BASIC. I'm not going back to anything else. I wholeheartedly recommend it to seasoned and beginner programmers alike.

Jaime de los Hoyos, MD