Dear PowerBASIC,
You are used to big,bloated executables?

You think its a feature to get new security holes patched all 4 weeks?

You believe the fastest compiler in the world must be sold for thousands of $$'s and needs to be sold on 5 DVD's?

You believe that "Software can not be bug free" and to be good must have hundreds of Megabytes?

Then it's time for a CHANGE!

PowerBasic is for people who believe in Change.

We like small sollutions for big problems!

Our work is dedicated for the benefit of our customers.

They need reliable results and we deliver them, using the best tools available.

Ask yourself: Do you still believe in "Bug free software"?

If not try PowerBasic 10 and change your mind.

It's diffrent from any tool you may have used before.

Order PB 10 now and see your change happen.

Theo Gottwald