Dear PowerBASIC,
I bought PowerBasic all those years ago because I was looking for a compilable Basic to replace the no-longer-supported Basic that I had been using.

I found that I had a Basic which was extremely powerful. The volume limits in PB are so large that effectively you can pretend there are none. I can use recursive tools to a huge depth. The IDE is excellent. The compiler is extremely helpful with its error system. The on line manual is comprehensive and quite understandable. The compiling times are phenomenal. The processing speed of compiled programs are lightning fast. The programming tools such as macros, subroutines, functions, includes etc lead to high quality, well documented, bug free programming.

There are far more features and benefits in PB than I can use. The Forums are supportive and useful and lots of fun. I unreservedly recommend PB to both learners and experts.

Kerry Farmer