Dear PowerBASIC,
I would like to express my sincere personal gratitude to Bob Zale, to the staff at PowerBASIC Inc and to the many generous contributors to the peer group Forum who have created and helped to support an outstanding compiler that has been directly instrumental in literally transforming my life.

I worked for over 30 years as research scientist and manager within CSIRO - the Australian Government scientific research organization - during which time, in the mid 1980ís, I started privately developing an application to assist in my own personal stock market investing activities. This was originally coded in Fortran on a mainframe computer and subsequently when microcomputers arrived was translated into an early form of BASIC. When TurboBASIC appeared on the scene it enabled this initial application to develop rapidly from its crude beginnings to become a slick (for those days) user friendly DOS based program.

In 1990 we realized the commercial potential of Insight Trader, the name we eventually gave to the software package, and accordingly prepared Version 1.0 for release in May of that year. Since then it has been continually upgraded over those 21 years passing from that initial DOS based application to finally a Windows 7 version - Version 17.1. Insight Trader has been compiled on all PB compilers produced over that period - TurboBASIC, PowerBASIC DOS, PBDK, PBDLL all the way through to PBWin10.

In 1996 I left CSIRO to run the company full time. Insight Trader now has the distinction of being the longest established Australian stock market analysis program available and is still continuing to provide thousands of investors with high end technical analysis, fundamental analysis and portfolio management tools as we maintain our ongoing process of product development. In addition, several books that have been published by third parties are extensively illustrated by charts generated by our software as are newsletters distributed by financial planners within Australia.

Although I would class myself as only a very average programmer by comparison with the exceptional standard exhibited by most contributors to the Forum, the ease of use of PowerBASIC compilers, together with their powerful armoury of programming tools and extensive peer support backup over the years, have allowed us to introduce highly sophisticated functionality into the package. As examples, the multithreading capabilities of the compiler together with the exceptional speed of the very compact executables produced, have enabled us to incorporate highly demanding real time charting capability into the software that can simultaneously access multiple financial exchanges while the versatile object handling techniques that are available in the PowerBASIC compiler have allowed us to link seamlessly to third party databases.

From a personal point of view our single software product, developed over almost a quarter of a century using the tools and support provided by PowerBASIC Inc, has been an outstanding financial success. It has ultimately provided for me personally a degree of financial security that I could hardly have envisaged possible twenty one years ago. For this we owe a great debt of gratitude directly to Bob Zale himself and to all at PowerBASIC Inc collectively.

What this experience has demonstrated to me is that it is possible for an ordinary programmer using the exceptional tools available from PowerBASIC Inc - in particular its lightning fast compiler - to produce sophisticated applications that can be not only commercially very successful but as a consequence can also provide outstanding personal financial rewards. The PowerBASIC compiler is undoubtedly by far the best investment that I have ever made.