Dear PowerBASIC,
I have been using the PowerBasic compilers since 2005, although I have purchased all versions since Turbo Basic in the 80's.

I migrated from VB6 to the Power Basic products when Microsoft announced the .NET versions of their "compilers" I have not looked back since.

The programs that I produce now are small, fast and robust.

The cost of the compilers is most reasonable.

The Learning curve is manageable.

Technical support is fast and polite.

PowerBasic's upgrades often have startling and innovative additions, over the past few years the upgrades have made many of my development tools obsolete.

I can confidently state that there isn't anything that I cannot do in any version of windows with PowerBasic.

The user forums are another fantastic resource that provides help for the newbie and the seasoned programmer.

All in all, I can and do recommend PowerBasic products to anyone who is serious about creating fast, small and robust software for the Windows platform.

Gary Barnes