Introducing PB/CC 6 for Windows

Ever wished for a 32-bit compiler?  One with the straightforward DOS interface but Gigabytes and Gigabytes of memory?  Ever wished for a 32-bit Windows compiler that's truly easy to use?  Well, now it's here.  Today, the PowerBASIC Console Compiler for Windows gives you all that and more.  With PB/CC, it's a whole new Windows!  Text mode applications for Win95/98/ME, WinNT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

The Win32 Console is a text mode interface connected right to the heart of 32-bit Windows.  With a console application, there's no fluff, no animated puppets, just intense computing power.  Port existing BASIC code from DOS to Windows today!

Our favorite slogan is "We put the Power in BASIC", and we sincerely believe you will find this to be true.  With compilation speeds of 1 million lines per minute, unrivaled performance, and the smallest executables in the industry, PowerBASIC has become the new standard of comparison in Windows programming.  Thank you for joining us in the War on Bloatware!


PB/CC supports PRINT, LOCATE, LINE INPUT, INKEY$, INSTAT, CLS, COLOR, SCREEN and LPRINT.  All of the standard text functions.  But then we added more.  CURSOR, INSHIFT, PAGE, PCOPY, WAITKEY$, WAITSTAT.  A complete set of mouse handlers.  SCROLL any region of the screen in any direction.  STDIN, STDOUT, and STDERR.  Even PARSE$ and JOIN$ functions to extract and build delimited fields, and new options for the EXTRACT$ function, too.  All the text tools you'll ever need!


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