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From: James Bailey, VP Operations Sales/Marketing
           PowerBASIC, Inc.

To: Gary Beene, Cust#83240

PowerBASIC Gazette #125
Subject: Forums and Website

Hello everyone! I would like to take this time and tell all about some changes made in our forums. This is just one of the many changes that will be implemented in the very near future.

Gary Beene is our new forum admin who is providing great amount of help to me in moderating our forums. His assistance is providing PowerBASIC some very appreaciated relief on the very important day to day items that require just as much attention as development of new products. Many already know him, as he has been a informative forum presence for years. If you have any problems with the forum, or PowerBASIC in general, he will help get it take care of for you.

I have read a lot of speculation about "the demise of PowerBASIC" that I really need to address. That type of speculation really has no place on our forums, however I understand where the speculation started. Instead of deleting the postings, I have directed Gary to move all postings of such to an individual forum thread. Each issue will be handled and addressed case by case from that thread.

The issues that really have been the last 3 months for us are just about over. If any knew how devistating our equipment crashes were, you would understand my amazment that we pulled through in this short amount of time. Equipment replacment, server upgrades, whole CGI scripts having needed to be redone, were among jast a few of the issues we needed to address with the equipment failure. So - our phones are up, email servers are working, order system is processing properly, and focus can now be applied to the areas of development and website sales and support. If anyone has any questions, comments, or maybe a question that has not been replied too, please email sales@powerbasic.com today.

In moving forward with the company, I would like feedback on a few items:

1) We have suspended physical shipping for electronic shipping only. Feedback?
2) What information would you like to see on that main page of the website, and layout/colors?
3) What is more important to you: new compiler features or 64 bit compilers?
4) What would you like to see in the next IDE?

Please email feedback to sales@powerbasic.com, and place "feedback" in the subject line, or use the feedback option on our site.

For those of you who have read this newsletter through to this point, place the words "I want my free copy of PTREE" in the comment of your next order for your free copy of PowerTREE! A $99.00 Value! PowerTREE is the FASTEST file indexer we have tested, and you can have a free copy with your next order, of ANYTHING!

Best Regards,

James Bailey, VP Operations Sales/Marketing
PowerBASIC Inc.

PowerBASIC Price List

PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Full Product $169.00
PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Upgrade from ver 5 $89.00
PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Upgrade from prior versions $119.00
PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 (GUI) - Full Product $199.00
PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 - Upgrade from ver 9 $99.00
PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 - Upgrade from prior versions    $129.00
Classic PB/CC Console Compiler 5.0 - Full Product $89.00
Classic PB/CC Console Compiler 5.0 - Upgrade from ver 4 $49.00
Classic PowerBASIC for Windows 9.0 (GUI) - Full Product $99.00
Classic PowerBASIC for Windows 9.0 - Upgrade from ver 8 $49.00
PowerBASIC Forms Visual Designer ver 2.0 $99.00
Classic PB/Forms 1.5 Visual Designer $49.00
PB Forms 2.0 Upgrade from Classic PB/Forms 1.5 $49.00
PowerBASIC for DOS 3.5 - Full Product $99.00
PowerBASIC for DOS 3.5 - Upgrade from prior versions $49.00
PowerTree BTree Manager for DOS and Windows $99.00


Any SoftwareSoftware
& 1 book
Addl Book
UPS Ground/Mail US$10$10$ 8
Express 2-day US$18$18$14
Express 1-day US$28$35$30
Air Mail Canada/Mex    $10$18$18
Express Canada/Mex$30$40$34
Air Mail Intl$14$28$28
Express Intl$36$46$40

Order online at shop.powerbasic.com/ or just send an email with all pertinent information to: sales@powerbasic.com

We'll take it from there!

Most PowerBASIC products (those without printed books) can now be delivered by electronic mail. No wait for a package to arrive... No high shipping costs... For just $6 per order, no matter how many products, we'll deliver directly to your computer. If you're outside the U.S., savings might be greater. You won't pay taxes or duties to a freight company or postal service, because they aren't involved in the delivery. Check your tax code to be sure, but some countries charge no tax at all on transactions of this type. It could just be your lucky day!

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