PowerBASIC Gazette

Number 121

May 26th,

From: Jim Bailey, V.P. Sales and Marketing
            PowerBASIC, Inc.

To: PowerCODER

PowerBASIC Gazette #121

Subject: The BASIC Language’s 50th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary BASIC! PowerBASIC is celebrating the BASIC language’s 50th anniversary, of which PowerBASIC – in one form or another (BASIC/Z, TurboBASIC) - has been a part of for over 30 years.

It is truly amazing that a programming language has been able to keep up with the rapid changes in computing for all this time.  Think about it, what compiler can you say can compile code from 50 years ago, and run that executable on Windows 8 64 bit, with only minimal changes? What compiler has faster than C string handling, and floating point precision equal to Fortran? What compiler can get you off and running from the start with close to “naturally spoken” code? PowerBASIC.

Our Console Compiler (current version 6) is very powerful and highly sought by many in the scientific and academic communities, manufacturing and industrial sectors, and classroom and hobbyist groups. Speed coupled with powerful TCP routines create indispensable tools in creating CGI (Computer Gateway Interface) apps for intricate custom web pages.

Full access to the Windows API give all the function of a $1,000 compiler without the price tag; without the bloat.  There are no run-time libraries or re-distributables that need to be packaged in with installers.

Listen, Microsoft has done it countless times before: MS BASIC made obsolete by QBasic made obsolete by PDS made obsolete by Visual Basic made obsolete by .NET. Why do programmers put up with this? How do they keep up financially with entire programs and applications going obsolete and need to be re-coded every 3 to 5 years?

Well, many of you have turned to PowerBASIC for just this reason. And this is yet another promise we give you. Backwards compatibility.

Many BASIC compilers, however, missed the ship when it came to the principals we at PowerBASIC adhere strictly to: Smaller, Faster. Period.

So, in summation, thank you Bob Zale for creating PowerBASIC, for taking BASIC to another level.  Your contribution to BASIC and the entire programming community has kept the entire language viable and powerful for 50 years! Under direction of Tom Hanlin, with Bob’s principals, the BASIC language will continue to celebrate more Power-Anniversaries.

We have had a surprising amount of new programmers to PowerBASIC.  It always makes me chuckle when after asking a few questions, new programmers realize the simplicity of PowerBASIC. I therefore would like to re-visit some beginner programmer topics to help all get started.

  • Sample programs in the “samples” directory of your installation
  • and of course, many in our programming circle offer great help here:

All of our current compilers have been extensively tested from version Win 98 to Win 8 64bit.

PowerBASIC Forums

Be sure to visit us soon on the web! Lots of options to help you find the exact programming information you need! The PowerBASIC Forums now sport over 500,000 contributions from good programmers just like you. They ask questions, they get answers, so can you. Just click...

We'd love to hear your questions... your answers... maybe even see a little of your latest code. So would others, and they'll respond!

Lots more to follow on the web site... and the next Gazette!

THE POWER Changes Everything

Just in case you're one of the few... who hasn't yet upgraded to the latest compilers -- Stay with me for a minute?

Now is the time to move. Full product purchases are just $199 and $169. Pretty refreshing compared to some of the $2,000-$5,000 prices from the competition! If you qualify for an upgrade, you can still take advantage of special pricing. Upgrade PB/WIN 9 to PowerBASIC 10.0 for just $99 -- upgrade PB/CC 5 to PB/CC 6.0 for just $89! There is no reason to wait... today is the day to upgrade.

Of course, PB/CC is our Console Compiler -- creates programs with a text mode user interface. Easy to use. Easy to port from DOS. It's the perfect solution for CGI Internet applications. Any time you want pure performance and nothing more! PowerBASIC 10 for Windows gives you the "look and feel" of a graphical user interface (GUI), the essence of Windows. Frankly, they've both taken a big leap forward.

Transparent Unicode

You know, a good compiler offers you ANSI strings. This has been the standard for many years. A better compiler lets you choose between ANSI and UNICODE in each program. But only one of them per program. If you want Unicode, you can't keep binary bytes in a string. It simply won't work. If you want ANSI, you can't have Unicode without exhaustive conversions. Not so good.

A great compiler, like PowerBASIC, supports all of them in the same program. And it's totally transparent. With PowerBASIC 10.0 for Windows (or PowerBASIC Console Compiler 6.0), you can have it all. One variable with ANSI. Another with UNICODE. Mix and match any way you choose with PowerStrings. All the messy details, and even the needed translations, are handled automatically by the compiler.

You can finally display a Euro symbol. Unicode text in a GUI or a Console. Read and write a Unicode file. Even print Unicode text on a Windows printer!

Static Link Libraries

Compile all your general purpose code into static units. Then, when it's needed, just $LINK it into your EXE or DLL and you're on your way. It's pre-compiled, so it's perfect for team programming. What will it do for third-party tools? Plenty. It links right into your EXE, so there's no need to drag a DLL around. Just $LINK and go. Lots more tools are sure to follow. And, if that's not enough, you'll get a librarian, too. Combine any number of units to a single library, and just use one single $LINK. PowerBASIC just discards those which aren't necessary. SLL's can contain Subs, Functions, and Object Classes. How easy can it get?

Automatic Dead Code Removal

Fight the war on BloatWare. Now, you can include big libraries of useful code -- PowerBASIC cleans it up for you. Any Sub/Function not used is automatically ignored when compiled. In fact, even Classes are pared down by similar Method and Property removal.

Order Now?     GOTO

There's more. Lots, lots more. A IDE based on Tabs, with syntax display as you type! Transparent Unicode. Print Preview. Thread Objects. A built in Resource Compiler. A StringBuilder Class. PowerArray class encapsulates SafeArray structures. A DEC$ function formats decimal numbers. Graphic Windows with scroll bars and scroll keys, user drag to resize, clip areas, and wrap by whole word. ENUM blocks, PREFIX blocks, ASMDATA blocks. THREADSAFE option for functions and methods. TEXT windows, Text Split, and the new FASTPROC procedures. There's more, but it's easy to see this is a very important upgrade.

You can order right now...

PB/WIN 10.0 is priced at $199, while PB Console Compiler is $169. Upgrades from versions 9 and 5 are just $99 and $89 respectively.

Need more info?

We have a page created just for you. It's "Why should I upgrade?"


Need even more info?

The complete documentation for both PB/CC 6 and PB/WIN 10 can be found right on the PowerBASIC Web Site! To see the 100% complete documentation:

          GOTO -- Then [click] HELP DESK

You'll find everything you need to know to make an informed decision. You can order right now by replying to this email. You can call us today at (888)659-8000 or (941)473-7300, or fax us at (941)681-3100.

You can visit to place an e/order on our secure web site, or even mail an order to our offices. But no matter what method you choose, do it today and do it with confidence. Every product PowerBASIC ships for physical delivery is offered with a money-back guarantee for a full 30 days from the transaction date.


Jim Bailey

VP Sales and Marketing
PowerBASIC Inc.

PowerBASIC Price List

PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Full Product


PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Upgrade from ver 5


PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Upgrade from prior versions




PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 (GUI) - Full Product


PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 - Upgrade from ver 9


PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 - Upgrade from prior versions   




Classic Console Compiler 5.0 - Full Product


Classic Console Compiler 5.0 - Upgrade from ver 4




Classic PB for Windows 9.0 (GUI) - Full Product


Classic PB for Windows 9.0 - Upgrade from ver 8




PowerBASIC for DOS 3.5 - Full Product


PowerBASIC for DOS 3.5 - Upgrade from prior versions






PowerTree BTree Manager for DOS and Windows




PowerBASIC Forms Visual Designer ver 2.0


PowerBASIC Classic Forms 1.5 for Classic PowerBASIC



Order online at or just send an email with all pertinent information to:

We'll take it from there!

PowerBASIC products are now be delivered by electronic mail. No waiting for a package to arrive... No high shipping costs... For just $6 per order, no matter how many products, we'll deliver directly to your computer.

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