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From: Bob Zale, President
           PowerBASIC, Inc.

To: PowerCODER

PowerBASIC Gazette #113
Subject: It's a NEW Classic PowerBASIC !

It's new... don't miss out. Upgrade for just $49!

It's been just two years since we introduced the original versions of Classic PowerBASIC. It's an amazing product with real value pricing. It's a true professional compiler. Not long ago, it was priced at $199. Now, it's slashed as low as $89, with upgrades at just $49. Perfect for anyone who wants real value in their compiler.

What a great way to learn about PowerBASIC... It's a serious compiler at entry-level pricing. Now, with two brand new versions, it's a whole new ball game.

Ready now? GOTO www.powerbasic.com -- *click* PURCHASE

Classic PB/CC 5.0 is our Console Compiler, with a text mode interface. PowerBASIC 9.0 for Windows gives you the "look and feel" of a graphical user interface (GUI), the essence of Windows. Frankly, they've both taken a big leap forward.

You'll get COM Objects, Internal Objects, Methods, Properties, Class Methods, Constructors, Destructors, Inheritance with Method Overrides, Encapsulation, Event Handlers (Dispatch and Direct), Instance variables, and lots more. Even DISPATCH without Variants.

Automation servers? They don't get any easier. Type "AS COM", and you'll get a COM Server! With DUAL interfaces... DISPATCH for compatibility, and DIRECT for breathtaking speed. This isn't your grandfather's COM OBJECT.

But the real beauty of PowerBASIC Objects? They're fast and tiny, just like Subs and Functions! Absolutely NO BLOAT like the other guys. And, Objects are optional. Use them when the time is right, continue using great procedural code, or mix the techniques to suit your needs.

There's automatic forward referencing for all procedures. Just think, no more pesky DECLARES for internal code! And, did you really think ARRAY SORT just couldn't get any better? So did we... but it's better. Now you can even use an unlimited number of sub-keys (sort on last name, then if duplicates, sub-sort on first name, then middle initial, etc.). The new custom sort option will attract some attention.

PB/WIN has an amazing new set of controls. There's built-in LISTVIEW, TREEVIEW, PROGRESSBAR, STATUSBAR, TOOLBAR, and TAB CONTROLS. And a complete set of handler functions make them soooooo... easy to use! Speaking of handler functions, COMBOBOX, LISTBOX, and SCROLLBAR have been greatly expanded. COMMON DIALOGS are built-in, too. You'll find BROWSE FOR FOLDER, CHOOSE COLOR, CHOOSE FONT, OPENFILE, and SAVEFILE are right at your fingertips. Even a complete IMAGELIST function, with ADD BITMAP/ICON, COUNT, KILL, NEW, and OVERLAY functionality.

Convinced yet? GOTO www.powerbasic.com -- *click* PURCHASE

Then there's a slew of GRAPHIC functions for both GRAPHIC CONTROLS and GRAPHIC WINDOWS. There are keyboard handlers like GRAPHIC LINE INPUT, INKEY$, INSTAT, INPUT, and WAITKEY$. GRAPHIC GET LINES, WINDOW CLICK, STRETCH MODES, and more. Lots more XPRINT, too. There's XPRINT COLLATE, COLORMODE, COPIES, DUPLEX, PAPER, PAPERS, GET SCALE, TRAY, TRAYS, STRETCH, and even more. What could you be missing?

PowerBASIC has long been associated with performance. Our motto has always been smaller-faster, smaller-faster, smaller-faster. In fact, it's been said more than once that PowerBASIC is the "Consultant's Secret Weapon". Why is that? A number of reasons... Attention to detail. Attention to results. A philosophy that requires us to provide the very best possible code generation. We simply don't believe that sloppy coding can always be overcome by ever faster hardware. At some point, every programmer (ours included!) must take on the obligation to write quality code... and we take that obligation very seriously. That's why our entire compiler, including all the library code to be linked, is just 400K. Compare that to all those multi-megabyte compilers that seem more like dinosaurs!

Classic PowerBASIC Console Compiler is priced at just $89, while Classic PowerBASIC 9.0 for Windows is $99. Upgrades from versions 8 and 4 are just $49, a real baragin. Orders will be fulfilled in the sequence they're received, so please don't delay. In the last round of upgrades, some who hesitated waited weeks for delivery.

You can order right now by replying to this email. You can call us today at (888)659-8000 or (941)473-7300, or fax us at (941)681-3100.

You can visit https://shop.powerbasic.com/ to place an e/order on our secure web site, or even mail an order to our offices. But no matter what method you choose, do it today and do it with confidence. Every product PowerBASIC ships for physical delivery is offered with a money-back guarantee for a full 30 days from the transaction date.


Bob Zale, President
PowerBASIC Inc.

PowerBASIC Price List

Classic PB/CC Console Compiler 5.0 - Full Product $89.00
Classic PB/CC Console Compiler 5.0 - Upgrade from ver 4 $49.00
Classic PowerBASIC for Windows 9.0 (GUI) - Full Product $99.00
Classic PowerBASIC for Windows 9.0 - Upgrade from ver 8 $49.00
Classic PB/Forms 1.5 Visual Designer $49.00
   Add Printed Documentation $29.00
PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Full Product $169.00
PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Upgrade from ver 5 $89.00
PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Upgrade from prior versions $119.00
   Add Printed Documentation $49.00
PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 (GUI) - Full Product $199.00
PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 - Upgrade from ver 9 $99.00
PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 - Upgrade from prior versions    $129.00
   Add Printed Documentation $49.00
PowerBASIC for DOS 3.5 - Full Product $99.00
PowerBASIC for DOS 3.5 - Upgrade from prior versions $49.00
   Add Printed Documentation (2 book set) $29.00
PowerTree BTree Manager for DOS and Windows $99.00
PowerBASIC Forms Visual Designer ver 2.0 $99.00
SQL Tools Standard Version 3.0: $ 99.95
   Upgrade from ver 2 (Std) $69.95
SQL Tools Professional Version 3.0: $199.95
   Upgrade from ver 2 (Pro) $99.95
   Upgrade from ver 2 (Std) $129.95
Graphics Tools Standard ver 2 for PB/CC & PB/WIN $69.95
Graphics Tools Professional ver 2 for PB/CC & PB/WIN $139.95
Graphics Tools Standard ver 2 Upgrade from ver 1 $44.95
Graphics Tools Professional ver 2 Upgrade from ver 1 $114.95
Graphics Tools Professional ver 2 Upgrade from ver 2 Std $79.95
Console Tools Standard: $49.95
Console Tools Professional: $99.95


Any SoftwareSoftware
& 1 book
Addl Book
UPS Ground/Mail US$10$10$ 8
Express 2-day US$18$18$14
Express 1-day US$28$35$30
Air Mail Canada/Mex    $10$18$18
Express Canada/Mex$30$40$34
Air Mail Intl$14$28$28
Express Intl$36$46$40

Order online at shop.powerbasic.com/ or just send an email with all pertinent information to: sales@powerbasic.com

We'll take it from there!

Most PowerBASIC products (those without printed books) can now be delivered by electronic mail. No wait for a package to arrive... No high shipping costs... For just $6 per order, no matter how many products, we'll deliver directly to your computer. If you're outside the U.S., savings might be greater. You won't pay taxes or duties to a freight company or postal service, because they aren't involved in the delivery. Check your tax code to be sure, but some countries charge no tax at all on transactions of this type. It could just be your lucky day!

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