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From: Bob Zale, President
           PowerBASIC, Inc.

PowerBASIC Gazette #110

Subject: Upgrade your PowerBASIC/DOS!

Dear PowerCODER,

Thank you. Thanks for your loyalty as a PowerBASIC for DOS customer. It was our first product at PowerBASIC, so it has a special meaning.

You know, many of our best customers are having a real problem with the latest version of Windows. Unfortunately, Microsoft has removed all support for DOS programs, so they just won't run at all.

You can no longer run a DOS program in the newest Windows.

This will affect you, sooner or later. So, you really should act now to avoid bigger problems later. We can make it very easy, and very, very affordable. But more about that later.

We have the perfect solution. A 32-bit Windows compiler with a text mode interface. It has familiar functions like PRINT, LOCATE, COLOR, LINE INPUT, even LPRINT! When you run the program, it even looks like your DOS program. But it runs faster, much faster, and has virtually unlimited memory!

No compiler on the market is closer in syntax to DOS compilers than a PowerBASIC Console Compiler for Windows.

Have I got a deal for you? Normally, we don't offer upgrades between product lines. But temporarily, for the next seven days, we're tossing that restriction right out the window!

The Classic PowerBASIC Console Compiler 4.0 sells for $89. But, if you order this week, I'll lower the price to just $44. One other option? Our premier version is PowerBASIC Console Compiler 6.0. The latest version with an amazing feature set. It normally sells for $169, but you can buy it this week for just $99.

$44 or $99 for a Windows compiler

This is pretty hot news... $44 for Classic PowerBASIC Console 4.0? $99 for the premier PowerBASIC Console Compiler 6.0? Either one will do a great job for you, but version 6 offers far more in terms of modern programming needs.

No 640k limit, access gigabytes of memory. Run multiple threads (print a report, while they're still entering new data!). With PB/CC, you can DIM x%(10000000), create a string that's 2 million bytes long, and in Windows, it runs circles around a comparable DOS program. You've invested time and effort in your DOS code -- so move it to Windows!

PB/CC has graphics. GRAPHIC PRINT to do plain text or fancy text... Any font. Any size. Any color. Bold. Underline. Italic and strikeout. Copy or stretch bitmaps. Shrink them, change them, load or save them on disk. You'll get circles, ovals, lines and boxes. Fat lines, thin lines, stylized lines. Arcs, circles, and rounded rectangles. Ellipses, pie sections, polygons, polylines. Patterns and colors. The choices are endless. You can mix colors with those which exist, and measure proportional text size to position it perfectly. Then create a custom scaling system, even with fractional floating point coordinates!

And then there's printing. A complete print engine for USB printers with XPRINT! Just like GRAPHIC for video, XPRINT does it all on the printer. Print plain text or fancy text -- any font, any size, any color. Bitmaps and images, lines and boxes, circles and polygons. Virtually all the features of the GRAPHIC screen are there for printers, too!

How about some samples? Both source and executables?

* PBChart.Zip http://www.powerbasic.com/files/pub/demos/PBChart.zip
Demonstration shows how to use the Graphics and Printer packages in a PowerBASIC Console Compiler application.

* PBgraph.zip http://www.powerbasic.com/files/pub/demos/PBGraph.zip Examples of the graphics capabilities for PowerBASIC Console Compiler.

Is there more? Of course. Send an email in a few lines of code. Download a web page or file in seconds. You'll even get source code to a complete SMTP email client!

Regular Expressions... Search and replace with the most powerful string engine. Search for words with multiple spellings (like color and colour). Extract internet addresses, reformat money amounts, and more. Of course, it's lightning fast, as usual. With PowerBASIC, you'll find that you really will "Compile without Compromise".

PB/CC version 6.0 is our full-featured premier version. It's highly recommended. Nothing better in the industry. Regularly priced at $169, but with the promo code MOREPOWER, it's just $99. Classic PB/CC 4.0 is the version sold a few years ago. It's normally "value-priced" at $89, but using the promo code MOREPOWER, it's just $44.

Either one will work well for you, but version 6 offers far more in terms of modern programming needs. You can find a complete description of each, and the differences, at:


Want still more? Read the entire PB/CC 6 manual on our web site at
http://www.powerbasic.com/support/help/pbcc/index.htm See just how easy it is to move to the Console Compiler!

Use the Promo Code MOREPOWER

Upgrade now, and get the best and brightest. Even better, with download delivery, you could be up and running in just 30 minutes!


Just $99 for PB/CC 6.0, or $44 for Classis PB/CC 4.0. Order it now and save a bundle. Just GOTO https://shop.powerbasic.com/ To get the special price, choose the full product of PB/CC 6 or Classic PB/CC 4. On the next page, add a promo code of MOREPOWER, and we'll reduce the price to just $44 or $99. Remember, the offer expires in just 1 week, so please don't delay. After that, prices revert to normal.

Best regards,

Bob Zale, President
PowerBASIC Inc.

p.s. You can call us, too... (888) 659-8000 or (941) 473-7300

PowerBASIC Price List

PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Full Product $169.00
PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Upgrade from ver 5 $89.00
PB/CC Console Compiler 6.0 - Upgrade from prior versions $119.00
   Add Printed Documentation $49.00
PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 (GUI) - Full Product $199.00
PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 - Upgrade from ver 9 $99.00
PowerBASIC for Windows 10.0 - Upgrade from prior versions    $129.00
   Add Printed Documentation $49.00
PowerBASIC for DOS 3.5 - Full Product $99.00
PowerBASIC for DOS 3.5 - Upgrade from prior versions $49.00
   Add Printed Documentation (2 book set) $29.00
PowerBASIC for Windows Classic 8.0 $99.00
PowerBASIC Console Compiler Classic 4.0 $89.00
PowerTree BTree Manager for DOS and Windows $99.00
PowerBASIC Forms Visual Designer ver 2.0 $99.00
SQL Tools Standard Version 3.0: $ 99.95
   Upgrade from ver 2 (Std) $69.95
SQL Tools Professional Version 3.0: $199.95
   Upgrade from ver 2 (Pro) $99.95
   Upgrade from ver 2 (Std) $129.95
Graphics Tools Standard ver 2 for PB/CC & PB/WIN $69.95
Graphics Tools Professional ver 2 for PB/CC & PB/WIN $139.95
Graphics Tools Standard ver 2 Upgrade from ver 1 $44.95
Graphics Tools Professional ver 2 Upgrade from ver 1 $114.95
Graphics Tools Professional ver 2 Upgrade from ver 2 Std $79.95
Console Tools Standard: $49.95
Console Tools Professional: $99.95

Shipping/Handling costs:

Any SoftwareSoftware
& 1 book
Addl Book
UPS Ground/Mail US$10$10$ 8
Express 2-day US$18$18$14
Express 1-day US$28$35$30
Air Mail Canada/Mex    $10$18$18
Express Canada/Mex$30$40$34
Air Mail Intl$14$28$28
Express Intl$36$46$40

Order online at shop.powerbasic.com/ or just send an email with all pertinent information to:

We'll take it from there!

Most PowerBASIC products (those without printed books) can now be delivered by electronic mail. No wait for a package to arrive... No high shipping costs... For just $6 per order, no matter how many products, we'll deliver directly to your computer. If you're outside the U.S., savings might be greater. You won't pay taxes or duties to a freight company or postal service, because they aren't involved in the delivery. Check your tax code to be sure, but some countries charge no tax at all on transactions of this type. It could just be your lucky day!

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