Core Compiler Features


Core Compilers: PowerBASIC Compiler for Windows and PowerBASIC Console Compiler

Flexible Coding Styles
Write successful software in many different styles from traditional Basic to advanced Basic with full Windows API support and true low level pure assembler.
A Simplified Interface With Dynamic Dialog Tools
An interface for programmers who wish to write complex Windows interface functionality without the vertical learning curve to master the Windows API functions.
Wide Range Of Advanced Intrinsic Functions
Write sophisticated string functionality in both dynamic string and zero terminated string formats in either ASCII or UNICODE. use any of a wide range of intrinsic functions without needing external libraries.
Highly Efficient Code Generation
High quality binary output and automatic removal of unused code. All of the advantages of "Linker Resolved Dependencies" without the hassle. Get the minimum code size with the minimum of effort.
Advanced Library Capacity
Instead of being limited to an ordinary object module format, write code from single procedures for maximum granularity up to encapsulating full binary objects without needing to prototype the callable functions.
Full Backwards Compatibility
Capable of building executable files from the latest Windows versions back to Windows 95. You can cater for customers who are still using legacy hardware.
True Low Level Power
Use the full Windows API interface and be able to write Intel notation inline assembler with both localized escape notation and block escape notation to ease porting of Intel notation assembler code.
True 80 Bit Floating Point Maths Support
Routinely produce high precision maths with PowerBASIC's native EXTENDED data type. No need to be restricted to 64 bit FLOAT when you have the full power of PowerBASIC.
An Advanced Pre-Processor Macro Language
Inline complex code wrapped in a macro to simplify its use and increase programming throughput. PowerBASIC's macro capacity allows you to design your own language yet the code in the macro is fully inlined when the macro is called.
True Freestanding Executable Code
Write executable code that does not need any runtime DLL yet be able to write your own DLL and call its functionality if you need it. Be entirely free of any runtime dependency and DLL hell.
Use The VC family Of Runtime DLLs
Be able to use C runtime functions by prototyping the required functions and calling any of the VC runtime family of DLL functions when you are writing non critical code.
Use The Advantages Of A Smart Compiler
PowerBASIC compiler are smart, multi-pass compilers than can determine the arguments used in a function without needing a separate prototype for each function in local source code.