Who Uses PowerBASIC?

Wouldn't it be interesting to learn who's purchased PowerBASIC? Just to get an idea of how they might be using it? We thought so, too! See if you recognize any names on this customer list...

Second to None

"If you program, or would like to, PowerBASIC makes the finest Windows compilers money can buy. It has an extremely loyal customer base and for good reason. Not only is the compiler rock-solid, but the support and consistent improvements are second to none. PB produces the fastest, smallest EXEs and DLLs imaginable, I kid you not. If you are into Windows programming (or web programming as it creates great CGI apps too!) check it out."

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Why PowerBASIC?

Very fast, very tight code. A feature set unmatched by the others. Create a single EXE, with no run-times nor dependencies. That's the Power of PowerBASIC! Just what's so special about the PowerBASIC Feature Set? Check out PowerFeatures and see for yourself! A simple chart to describe every statement and function in each of our three compilers. Even better, see how many (or how few) are actually supported by Microsoft products. TCP, UDP, Serial Communications. Regular Expressions, Inline Assembler, Dynamic Dialog Tools, and much, much more. Every reserved word in each of our compilers is defined.

Save big with Electronic Delivery!

Most PowerBASIC products can now be delivered by electronic mail! No long wait for a package to arrive... No high shipping costs... For only $6 per order (no matter how many items), your PowerBASIC order can be emailed directly to your computer. If you're outside the U.S., you could save even more! You won't pay taxes or duties to a freight company or post office, because they aren't involved in the delivery! Check your tax code to be sure, but some countries charge no tax at all on software delivered electronically. This could be your lucky day!

PowerBASIC, Inc.
2061 Englewood Road
Englewood, FL 34223

Hours: 9AM-5PM EST Mon-Fri

(941) 473-7300   
fax (941) 681-3100   
sales only (888) 659-8000   


For questions or comments about this web site webmaster@powerbasic.com

New to PowerBASIC?
We offer compilers and other software development tools. Some of the best in the industry. Perfect for the novice programmer, the expert programmer, and most any level in between. We support both DOS and Windows. For a brief overview of exactly what we can offer you, just click here. You'll quickly learn how PowerBASIC Programmers are able to Compile without Compromise!


arrow  The Power Changes Everything

It's our latest suite of premier compilers. PowerBASIC 10.0 for Windows. PowerBASIC Console Compiler 6.0. It's one sweet suite of compilers. Power far beyond your expectations. Automatic dead code removal. Transparent Unicode allows a mix of ANSI, UNICODE, OEM, and ASCII, all in the same program. Then, there's Collections. A built-in resource compiler. Print preview. Static link libraries. Prefix Blocks. Enumerations. ASMDATA blocks. FASTPROC procedures. IMPORT ADDR loads a DLL dynamically. SPLIT text so it fits perfectly. Text wrap on whole words. TEXT windows. Resizable GRAPHIC windows with scrolling, scroll bars, and scroll keys. Automatic THREADSAFE. THREAD objects. PowerTime Date/Time objects. Keyed collection objects. Linked List collection objects. Stack collection objects. Queue collection objects. See them now... HERE and THERE.

The Power changes you... The Power changes EVERYTHING.


arrow  I Love My PowerBASIC!      

Good programmers, just like you, can be very critical. They know what they want... When it comes to creating their code, it's usually a state of perfection. And so it goes with their programming language. So, just what is it they expect from PowerBASIC? Do they get it? Or not? Read all about it right HERE...

arrow  Do You Love Your PowerBASIC?

Do you like our compiler? The results you were able to achieve? Is it powerful? Easy to use? Efficient? Tell us about PowerBASIC Free Technical Support. Were we able to help you? How does our free support compare to paid technical support elsewhere? Would you recommend PowerBASIC to a friend? We'll use your report to make PowerBASIC even better. Leave a testimonial at http://www.powerbasic.com/testimonials/testimonial.asp.

arrow  It was so good the first time... We decided to do it again. $89!

A great text mode compiler for Windows with real value pricing. Do you have QBasic code, PB/DOS code, QB or PDS code, and find they won't run at all under Win7? We have the instant solution. Classic PowerBASIC Console is 95% compatible with those great DOS compilers. In most cases, it's a quick and straightforward port to Classic PB. You'll have your code running on Windows in no time at all. And it's priced at just $89. How can you possibly go wrong? Complete information at http://www.powerbasic.com/products/clcc/.
Order now at https://www.powerbasic.com/shop/

arrow  Classic PowerBASIC For Windows...  $99 !

Once priced at $199... Now it's just $99. Classic PowerBASIC is an amazing product with real value pricing. It's a true professional compiler... Not too long ago, it was known as PowerBASIC 9.0 for Windows. Competitively priced at $199. But you can buy it today for just $99! What a great way to learn about PowerBASIC... it's a wonderful gift, a serious compiler at entry-level pricing. Perfect for anyone who wants real value in their compiler. Complete information at http://www.powerbasic.com/products/clwn/
Order now at https://www.powerbasic.com/shop/

arrow  Classic PowerBASIC Visual Designer...  $49 !

Classic PowerBASIC Forms is specifically designed for Classic PowerBASIC. You'll visually create your GUI in just minutes. You'll "Drag 'n' Drop" dialogs and controls, quickly create menus, and get clean, structured, DDT source code ready to compile for your application. Is it Bloatware? No way! Complete information at http://www.powerbasic.com/products/clfw/
Order now at https://www.powerbasic.com/shop/

arrow It writes your GUI code for you!

Dateline Venice Beach, Florida... PowerBASIC announces PowerBASIC Forms 2.0, their latest entry in the suite of PowerBASIC programming tools for Windows. The newest incarnation of this visual designer takes advantage of all the features in PowerBASIC. Native DDT support for Treeviews, Status Bars, Tab Controls, and all the rest. According to company president Bob Zale, "It just doesn't get any easier than this. One keystroke takes you to the visual designer; one keystroke takes you back. Now, you'll use simple, straightforward DDT functions to manipulate all the controls on your forms." PowerBASIC FORMS 2.0 ships today. Don't let it slip past you.
Complete information at http://www.powerbasic.com/products/pbforms/
Order now at https://www.powerbasic.com/shop/

arrow You Speak...   PowerBASIC Listens!

How can we improve PowerBASIC? I'll bet you have a great hunch, so share it with us. A new feature suggestion? An entirely new killer product? We really want to know what you have to say. Don't wait. Do it now! Click on over and talk to us at http://www.powerbasic.com/support/request.html.

arrow PowerBASIC to the Rescue!

Read one example of how PowerBASIC compilers allow programmers to save the day!

arrow Built With PowerBASIC

What can you accomplish with PowerBASIC compilers? See this showcase of a wide range of products built with PowerBASIC!

arrow PowerBASIC QuickStart Tutorials

Whether you're new to programming PowerBASIC for Windows or just need a refresher, you'll want to have a look at PowerBASIC QuickStarts!

arrow PowerBASIC Announces PowerShirt 1.0
PowerSHIRT v 1.0

BREAKING NEWS from Venice Beach, Florida: PowerBASIC announces PowerShirt version 1.0, the perfect complement to PowerBASIC Compilers. You'll set new standards of style with the latest softwear from PowerBASIC. This high quality black T-Shirt proclaims "I Compile Without Compromise"! It's available in M through 3X sizes and guaranteed to be 100% bug-free! Order today... you may need more than one to keep the family happy!

arrow Exciting Career Opportunities at PowerBASIC!

Once again, PowerBASIC is expanding our staff and accepting resumes for programmers, telephone sales, and tech support specialists. PowerBASIC, Inc. publishes BASIC compilers for many different platforms, as well as add-on toolkits and consumer software. You can email your ASCII resume (please include a salary history) to jobs@powerbasic.com.

arrow  PowerTree 1.1 Released!

In a move to make data management more accessible and affordable, PowerBASIC has announced the release of PowerTree version 1.1. According to company president Robert Zale, "We've improved performance, improved reliability, and cut the total cost of all versions in half!". Previously, DOS and Windows versions were sold separately, but he now says "We're bundling PowerTree for DOS, plus PowerTree for Win16 and PowerTree for Win32, all in one package for just $99! PowerTree offers a concise B+Tree package for indexed data management. Save and retrieve data at lightning speed. Sequentially. By exact match. By approximation. It's all there."

arrow Secure Shopping at PowerBASIC

Online shopping at PowerBASIC couldn't be easier! Virtually all of our compilers and other programming tools are just a click away. And with our secure order form, your personal information and credit card details remain strictly confidential! Most PowerBASIC products can now be delivered by download -- No high shipping costs. No long wait for the products to arrive. No import taxes for many international orders. Shop online and get the Power of PowerBASIC today!

arrow PowerBASIC for DOS reduced to $99!

That's right, PowerBASIC 3.5 for Dos is now priced at just $99, with all documentation in electronic format. A new lower price, and perhaps more convenience, as well. The entire 2-volume documentation set is now included in Adobe PDF format. It's easy to use, easy to search, and provides every bit of information you need to get the most from our Dos compiler. And, since it's 100% electronic, you can download everything you need to start programming for Dos today! Of course, the book version is still available for those prefer that classic format. A two-volume printed manual set, over 700 pages in all, is optional at just $29 plus shipping.

arrow Looking for tools?

There are lots of vendors and PowerBASIC users who have created toolkits and utilities compatible with your PowerBASIC products. If you are looking for database support, design utilities, install utilities or general purpose toolkits, take a look.

arrow Not sure which compiler to buy?

Having trouble figuring out which compiler you should buy for your next project? We've written a white paper which covers the differences between the three PowerBASIC compilers that may help you decide.