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Welcome to PowerBASIC!

We make advanced compilers, capable of creating Windows applications with full GUIs or as console applications. Both standalone executables (EXEs) and dynamic link libraries (DLLs) can be created. While the core PowerBASIC syntax is the BASIC language with Unicode support, full access to Windows API and the use of inline assembler are also supported. Compilation speeds and executable speeds are unmatched in the industry! Our compilers produce very small EXEs/DLLs, do not require an external runtime nor the installation of a huge framework file base. And PowerBASIC products work with all versions of Windows.


Flagship Products

PowerBASIC Compiler for Windows v10.03

Premium Windows compiler for creating freestanding executable files and dynamic link libraries using either the full power of the Windows API functions or the simplified Dynamic Dialog Tools interface for programmers who prefer to avoid the complexity of the Windows API functions.

PowerBASIC Console Compiler v6.03

A specialized console compiler for the creation of console applications, tools and CGI applications using a sophisticated set of console functions with direct access to the Windows API functions.


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